Alan Cripps (1981)

07 – Alan Cripps (Randwick 1981)

When Alan Cripps retired at the end of 1988-89 he had been playing for Randwick for 42 seasons. At 58 years of age he finished his career with 12,616 runs, the most by any player in the history of the club. He scored 6,900 in 1st Grade and 5,716 in lower grades. His highest scores were 151 in 1st Grade and 152 in Seconds. He originally retired in 1968 but returned the following season to play lower grades for the next 17 years. Alan Cripps was regarded by all as a shining example to young players on and off the field with his courteous manner, immaculate cricket attire and his willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience.

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