John O’Loughlin (1973)

05 – John O’Loughlin (Randwick 1973)

John O’Loughlin played for Randwick for 28 seasons. He scored 6,615 of his 8,313 runs in 2nd Grade where he topped the batting aggregate 9 times and the average 4 times. He scored 5 centuries, held 106 catches and took 119 wickets with his leg-spinners. He started with Randwick in 4th Grade in the 1948-49 season and by the end of the summer was in 1st Grade. He was a member of the Management Committee between 1953 and 1966. Apart from being a regular attendee at Randwick Petersham matches and club social functions he is a keen member of the club’s Legends supporter group.

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