Welcome to Season 2014-15

A Message from The Whit

My brothers and sisters—welcome to a brand new 2014-15 season, our 14th since the amalgamation of the Randwick and Petersham Marrickville Clubs to form Randwick Petersham. We have achieved enormous success in a short space of time but there are still mountains to climb. Our club has been built on strong foundations.hard working administrators, talented players and coaches and most importantly, a powerful volunteer base of dedicated and loyal workers, the lifeblood of any club.

Of course in any organisation not everyone will agree all of the time, thankfully despite any minor differences of opinion we continue to be a united force ..that unity is what makes us a truly great club. Clubs that are divided quickly fall by the wayside.

Since day one our central focus has been the continued growth and improvement of the Randwick Petersham Club, on and off the field. Our foundation clubs, Petersham, Marrickville, Petersham Marrickville and Randwick handed us a wonderful legacy. We are forever grateful for what we have inherited. The history of our foundation clubs must never be forgotten. Their colours of green and gold are still alive and well..yes, under a slightly amended name but their culture, traditions and history live on.

With this gift we also carry a certain responsibility, to ensure that as a combined entity we preserve our past, but also to forge a new and exciting future. We’re part way there.

I wish you all well for the season ahead in whatever capacity you serve the Club. No one is more important than anyone else.

Please enjoy the challenges and successes, share the disappointments, and relish the time spent with friends, team mates and fellow cricket lovers.

Remember whatever you do you’re creating memories that one day you can look back on with pride.

Mike Whitney

President – Randwick Petersham Cricket Club

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