Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014-15

Notice is hereby given that the fourteenth Annual General Meeting of Randwick Petersham Cricket Club Incorporated will be held at Petersham RSL Club, Regent Street, Petersham on Thursday 9 July 2015 at 7.00pm.


Randwick Petersham Cricket

Club Incorporated

Founded 2001




Notice of Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the fourteenth Annual General Meeting of Randwick Petersham Cricket Club Incorporated will be held at Petersham RSL Club, Regent Street, Petersham on Thursday 9 July 2015 at 7.00pm.



  1. Welcome by President Michael Whitney


  1. To receive the Fourteenth Annual Report and Financial Statements


  1.    Presentation of Annual Awards


  1. By Special Resolution that the Club’s Constitution be amended as set out on the Club’s website

         (click here “constitution with amendments”) (click here “constitution new“) .  A summary of the proposed amendments are contained in a

          Memorandum attached to this notice.  (Note: Clause 17 of the Club’s Constitution provides:

                17(b) A resolution of the Club is a special resolution if:

                      (i)  it is passed by a majority which comprises not less than 75 percent of such members of the Club

                           as, being entitled under these rules so to do, vote at a general meeting, of which not less than

                          21 days’ written notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution

                          was given in accordance with these Rules;


  1. To elect the following Office Bearers and a Management Committee for the ensuing year:




                  Chief Executive Officer

                  Asst. Chief Executive Officer

                  Financial Controller

                  Asst. Financial Controller

                  Management Committee (five)

                  Delegates to Sydney Cricket Association (two)

                  Delegate to New South Wales Cricket Association

Honorary Auditor


  1. To consider any business brought forward in conformity with the club rules.


David Holland

Chief Executive Officer

40 Duncan Street

Maroubra NSW 2035

(02) 9344 5310


Please note that only last season’s financial members are entitled to vote.




Notes to proposed amendments of the Randwick Petersham Cricket Club Constitution

The Randwick Petersham Cricket Club Constitution came into being on 19 July 2001, the date Petersham-Marrickville DCC and Randwick CC merged to form a new Sydney Grade club Randwick Petersham CC. After 14 years it is considered the time is right to review and update the constitution.

The management committee has approved the amendments outlined as follows and submits them for adoption by members at the Annual General Meeting of the club scheduled for Thursday 9 July 2015.

  • Many of the changes are stylistic or cosmetic only although clauses of an historic nature (i.e. relating to the 2001 merger) have been removed.


  • Clause 2 has been changed to reflect the modern objectives of a Sydney Grade club.


  • Clause 4 is amended to permit the wearing of approved coloured clothing and badges.


  • Clause 5 (c) is amended to clarify Active membership.


  • Clause 8 (d) amendment enables up to three people to be appointed to the committee instead of the current two and is designed to provide the club with additional management expertise when and if required. Appointments may include persons who are not members of the club but who shall automatically become members on such appointment.


  • Clause 8 (l) allows invitees to take part in meetings but not vote.


  • Clause 10 authorises the Management Committee to meet at least four times a year.


  • Clause 12 and many other clauses have been amended to allow notices and other communications to be issued by electronic or other modern means such as email, iphone, etc.,.


  • Clause 15 Disciplining of Members: Appeal to general meeting has been removed as it is too administratively cumbersome (and has never been used). A decision of the club’s Appeals Committee to be final.


  • Clause 16 about resolution of disputes between members has been inserted to align our constitution with the “model” constitution provision pursuant to the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 1984.


  • Clause 20 re Funds amendment is designed to provide for internet money transfers and the like subject to appropriate authorisation.


  • Clause 22 relates to authorisation of a club seal, if any.


  • Clause 27 (b)-(e) are new provisions relating to the selection of Grade, Poidevin Gray and A W Green Shield teams after the first two rounds. Selection of teams in the Metropolitan Cup competition have been recognised in (g).
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