Alan Staunton (1995)

25 – Alan Staunton (Petersham-Marrickville 1996)

Alan Staunton first played for Petersham-Marrickville in its 1956-57 A W Green Shield team. In the 13 seasons which followed the left hand fast bowler/batsman scored 2,941 runs with three centuries and took 283 wickets in grades 1st to 4th plus the Poidevin Gray and A W Green Shield teams. Some 22 years after retiring he joined the club as a non-playing member having been a vice-president since 1988-89. In 1991-92 he was elected to the Management Committee and became an active member on a number of important sub-committees while managing a number of lower grade teams and the A W Green Shield side. In 1995-96 he was elected President but mid-way through his second presidential term he resigned due to ill health.

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