Intra Club Trials 19th and 20th Sept

Intra Club Trial Squads for this weekend have been announced.

Below are the Internal Trial Teams for Saturday 19th September at Kensington Oval and Snape Park, and Sunday 20th September at Snape Park.

Please note that all games start at 9.30am, so the expectation is that all players are to be on ground for warm ups at 8.30am.

Players please note that own lunch arrangements will need to be made.

Players selected for the Stockton trial, be advised that you will be staying in the prestige Stockton caravan park. Also, please advise Bill Anderson if you are staying on Friday night, Saturday night, or both nights.

Please note that if you named in a trial and are unavailable, please contact Peter Deviln asap ( / 0419 239 067).


Kensington – Sat 19th   Kensington – Sat 19th   Snape – Sat 19th   Snape – Sat 19th
Alex Kemp ©   Adam Semple ©   Rod Stafford ©   David Bourke ©
Anthony Sams   Jack Lyle   Barton Lynch   Oshanka Perera
Tom McKenzie   Alex Sciascia   Cooper Smith   Nathan Maher
James Tyson   Daniel Sams   Kyri Tsalikidis   Jaya Murdita
Nick Warren   Suffan Hassan   Vishwas Saint   Ashley Kakkireni
Shaun Eaton   Henry Thornton   Shohel Khan   Tom Holland
Jake Scicluna   James Mahoney Brack   Ben Stares   Shimul Nath
Adam Docos   Soumil Chibber   Jack standing   Nikethan Radhakrishan 
Mohammad Emram   Sprowls   Karl Schubert   Kaoser Ahmed 
Sam Wood   Max Moran   Glen Standing   Nathan Stares
Kushall Ram   Jack Preddey   Nigel Singh   Tom Evans
    Luis Siddall       Nivi  Radhakrishan 
Unavailable   Unavailable   Snape – Sun 20th   Snape – Sun 20th
Nathan Price   Ravin De Silva   Ed House ©   Mark  Wall ©
Franscois Nesser   Ashley Burton   Lasith Fernando   Adam Lee
John McLoughlin   Savio Gracias Flor   Jeremy Jastrzab   Riley Wall
Jake Wilson   Dave Lilyman   Neale Crawford   Sean Rushton
Rehann Nawaz   Will Lawrence   Cam Fowler   Jack Hopkins
Matthew Hilder   Jack James   George Frazakis   Karthi Balasubramanium
John Stewart   E-Young Koo   Charith De Silva   Damian Sidney
Liam O Loughlin   Sahil Sekhon   Alex Coovre   Andrew White
Mitchell O Loughlin   Bala Mohan   Max Brandy   Saurov Barua 
Chris Singh   Jackson Eldridge   Caleb Coles   Omar Ali
        Hayden Fox   Steven Salakas


This teams announcement is brought to you by our friends at Sydney City Toyota. 

Located at 36-38 Parramatta Rd Glebe, Stu Scoon, Jason Benjamin and their friendly team are there to assist whether it’s buying a new or used car or a tune up. Great supporters of the Randy Petes providing our overseas players with top of the line cars. For your next car drive into SCT Glebe. Oh what a feeling!!!! 

Contact the SCT using the following link:



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