Round 6 Teams vs Fairfield-Liverpool

Round 6 has the Randy Petes take on Fairfield-Liverpool.  After a wet round 5, teams will be looking for big performances.


This weeks teams are brought to you by:


Beastwear is one of Australia’s leading national sports apparel brands and has been manufacturing high end performance and team wear since 1974.

The Randy Petes will be geared up in a range of training and match day uniforms including Limited Overs and 2 day cricket, tracksuits, hoodies, polos, caps engaging the most cutting edge fabrics in sporting apparel allowing players to remain comfortable on hot summer days while still performing at their peak.
For more information contact Aden Nawaz at or visit their website:


First Grade @ Rosedale Oval – 10.30am Start

Second Grade @ Petersham Oval – 10.30am Start

Third Grade @ Fairfield Oval – 12.15pm Start

Adam Semple © John McLoughlin Rod Stafford ©
Anthony Sams Suffan Hassan Alex Sciascia
Nathan Price Adam Docos Andrew Williams
Jake Scicluna Kushaal Ram Oliver Mills
Daniel Sams Henry Thornton James Tyson
Alex Kemp Max Moran Oshanka Perera
Shaun Eaton Tom Holland Will Pereira
Soumil Chhibber Tom McKenzie Rehaan Nawaz
Jack Preddey Sam Wood Nigel Singh
James Psarakis Mohammed Emram Ashley Burton
Francois Neser Barry McCarthy Kaoser Ahmed

Fourth Grade @ Coogee Oval – 12.15pm Start

Fifth Grade @ Don Dawson Oval -12.15pm Start

David Bourke © Luis Siddal ©
Nathan Stares Ed House
Nikethan Radhakrishan Bala Mohan
Jaya Murdita Sean Rushton
Himanshu Kakkireni Nivi Radhakrishan
Vishwas Saini Jack Standing
Shailen Assani Mark Wall
Andrew Sprowls Neale Crawford
Glen Standing Shalil Sekhon
Tom Evans Shohel Khan
Chris Singh Omar Ali



Andrew White Ravin De Silva
Jackson Eldridge Nick Warren
Josh Smith Matthew Hilder
Scott Sharma Jack James
Jack Lyle Tyzac Bailey
Jack Hopkins Will Lawrence
Ben Stares Harry Vass
Caleb Coles David Warner
Mitchell O’Loughlin James Mahony Brack
Zain Alwani Shimal Nath
Cooper Smith Savio Gracias Flor
Damian Sidney Dave Lillyman
Sam Doggett Jake Wilson
Karl Schubert Barton Lynch
Cameron Fowler Kyri Tsalikidis
Lasith Fernando
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