Richard McCord Scoring Masterclass

Richard McCord Scoring Masterclass (4..62W, 1/12 off 1)

After 40 years and 1401 matches of scoring the great Richard ‘Hubert’ McCord has compiled a tip sheet for young and old scorers coming through the ranks on what he deems are important aspects to become a good scorer.  As you will see many of these tips relate to anything but scoring which shows just how committed Richard is to his club ‘Randwick Petersham Cricket Club’. Editor

Welcome to 2017/18 season,

Scoring is a very challenging career where you can represent your club and potentially your state and country and I’ve broken down my advice into 3 key areas:

1. Pre-season

This is an important part of the season as preparation is key to becoming a good scorer.  Many players are new to the club each season, some from the juniors and some recruited and by getting down to pre-season sessions at Snape Park you can meet the new players and build a relationship from then, rather than during the season.

Trial Matches are also an important way to remove any rust from the off season break without any pressure and will prepare you to be on top of your scoring game in Round 1.  For anyone who wants to volunteer (not just scorers) don’t be afraid to put your hand up and assist if you feel like you can help out the club.

The season launch is usually on the Monday night before round 1 where teams and captains are announced as well as club gear being distributed

Club Gear is so important to wear as you are representing your club.  It makes it easy for officials such as umpires to identify you, and also lifts the team spirit.  Opposition teams also know we mean business!

2. The Season

All the preparation from the pre-season should ensure you have a good season.

Being on time to games is also important.  Generally 1 hour before start time allows you to watch the players warm up, meet the umpires and opposition scorer, get yourself setup with scoring table/chair, and understand where toilets/kitchen/sheds are at the ground.  It is also advised to have a good night sleep and to keep consumption of beverages to a minimum to ensure you stay focussed for the duration of the day

It’s also a great idea to communicate with your captain and have them write down the 11 players in likely batting order, bowling order and who the wicket keeper is.

Having good quality pens, pencils, clips, erasers and a note pad will assist in scoring during the day.

Communication with your opposition scorer is extremely important so that both books match at all times during the day.  The bowling and overall scores should be verified each over, and batsman and sundries should be verified every few overs.  This constant communication will ensure there are no issues at the conclusion of an innings or match, especially if the game is close!

At each break of play confirm with any of the players or captain as to who took catches or run outs if unsure.  Always leave the scorebook open for players, umpires and spectators to view the scorebook during breaks of play.

Be prepared to review your own performance after every day’s play in the quest of continuous improvement.  This will assist in moving up the grades and the scoring ranks.

3. Off-season

Hopefully you’ve become a premiership winning scorer, or scored in finals cricket, but either way it’s important to reflect on the season gone and identify any areas you could improve on for next season

Club functions are an important way to end the season where you can enjoy the company of your fellow volunteers and the players.  There is and end of season function usually on the last day of the season that will be advised via email and social media.  The club AGM is also an important night in July where office bearers are confirmed and awards are given out

It is important to unwind during the off-season and enjoy the winter sports and other interests.  This keeps the mind fresh when pre-season arrives in just a few months.

If there are any questions or advice then don’t be shy in giving me a call on 02 9718 1007.  I am simply looking to give back to the game that has served me well for a long term.

The Great Richard McCord

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