Canterbury Wests Juniors – Coaching Update


Sincere THANKS from all the players and parents for the work David Skuthorpe and Nathan Stares have done as coaches of the Canterbury Wests Rep teams for the past 4 years.

David & Nathan coached the most consistent and successful CWSCA team in recent history.

They came in U12’s and coached them in U13’s, U14’s and U15s (which just finished).  We made the finals in U12’s, U13’s and U14’s and only missed out on run-rate this season in U15’s.

Over 4 years the team won more than 80% of their games!

I had the privilege of being Manager of the Rep team all the way from U10’s to u15’s – so I saw Skewey and Nathan at work.

Every player and their families are grateful to David & Nathan, and to RPCC.

Antony Sachs


What a great update and well done to Skewies and Staresy Junior on their great work over a long period of time.  It’s this kind of long term commitment to juniors and specifically players and teams that builds a strong future for the Randy Petes club.

All in the club are looking forward to many of these Juniors representing RPC in Green Shield U16, Premier Cricket and Poidevin Gray Shield U21 competitions in the coming years!  

Some of the players to have learnt the ropes off Skewies and Staresy are Emmanuel Grogan, James Apostolakis, Josh Lau, Jude Price, Reuben Sachs and Louis Wilson.

RPCC Management Committee

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