Captain’s Roles & Responsibilities

The Captain – Overview

At any level of cricket, the Captain is a vital part of team performance, camaraderie, player development and enjoyment.

Within the framework of the Club’s Constitution and guiding principles, each team captain sets the standards for players to attain.

To be successful ALL our Captains need to be on board with consistent, strong and positive messages regarding our club behaviours, culture, our past history and our future. Most often, it’s the Captain who determines the quality of each player’s cricket experience and the success of the team.

The best Captains lead by example, at training and on game day, by creating an environment based on enjoyment, self -improvement, putting the team first and playing to win.

Captain’s pass on the traditions of the club, ensure the spirit of the game is followed and that the rules and directives of RPCC, SCA and CNSW are followed.

Captains earn the respect of players, opponents and umpires through their personal behaviours and actions. This in turn reflects how Randwick Petersham Cricket Club is regarded in cricket circles and the broader community.

Captain’s Roles & Responsibilities