Registration and Playing Fee Schedule 2023/24 Season

All players must register electronically this season to be eligible to play NSW Premier Cricket and Metropolitan Cup. Players with Active Kids Vouchers will only be able to redeem these as part of the online registration process.

Below are the playing fees for members of Randwick Petersham Cricket Club for season 2023-24. These fees are an important part of club membership and go a long way to ensuring all teams get on the park week-in-and-out.

  • Before 31st December 2023
  • Senior*
  • Student*
  • Playing / Training Gear Only
  • RPCC Playing Cap
  • RPCC Baseball Cap
  • Life Member
  • Before 31st December 2023
  • $700
  • $550
  • $220
  • $55
  • $22
  • After 31st December 2023
  • $750
  • $600
  • After 28th February 2024
  • $800
  • $650

– A minimum of $220 must be paid up-front by players prior to the commencement of the season. All fee balances must be settled by 31st December 2023 – or a late fee will be applied.

– Players with fees that remain unpaid after 28th February 2024 will be charged a further late fee and may not be registered for subsequent seasons.

– All School, University and TAFE students are eligible for the student fee.

– Active Kids Voucher can be applied to fees – please register and pay through PlayHQ to make use of this voucher.

– All new players must pay at least $220 towards their fees if they are to receive clothing and be registered for the club.

– Seniors, Students, AW Green Shield and Poidevin-Gray Shield have their playing shirt/trousers and training shirt/trousers included as part of the fees. Baggy green caps for grades 2-5 and Metropolitan Cup are one-off (and will stay with the player for their whole time at the club) and will need to be paid for separately if another is required.

– Anyone not subject to the above categories but receives playing and training kit, will be expected to pay for it. The number of games that they will be entitled to will be determined by the Management Committee.

– Players who go on to play an extensive amount of first grade over the season will be eligible to apply for a refund on their fees. No fee will be returned though, if there are still fees outstanding as at 28th Feb 2024.

Payment can be made through through direct debit below.

For direct payment into the club’s bank account:

Account Name: Randwick Petersham Cricket Club
Bank and Branch: CBA
BSB: 062-199
Account Number: 10578262

Narration: ‘Surname’ fees 2324

Randwick Petersham Cricket Club

Management Committee