Please take note of the Selection Policy extracted from this year’s Players & Volunteers Handbook. The Committee recommends that players familiarise themselves with the Club’s policies.


As all members are playing Grade cricket, the best eleven available players will be chosen for 1st Grade and so on for lower grades, however selectors are mindful of the need to encourage and promote younger players wherever possible.

If a player is unavailable for selection for a game or round, the following points will be considered in selection for the following game / round:

· The reason for being unavailable i.e. going on holidays may be treated differently to a relative’s wedding

· The amount of notice given

· How often a particular player is unavailable

· How the replacement player performed

· Training attendance and quality of training

Players MUST play in the grade they are selected. If a player, without a reasonable excuse, fails to play, he shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.

The Selection Committee will choose teams, as early as possible before each match, and at the latest, before the commencement of practice on the Thursday prior to the weekend of play.

The Selection Committee will comprise the Chairman, independent selector (Head Coach) and the captain of each Grade for their particular team.

The Selection Committee is empowered to seek advice regarding selections from other identified people (Advisors), however the Selection Committee has sole responsibility for final selection of teams.

All selected teams will be displayed at training (Snape Park) prior to the commencement of training and on the RPC website as soon as possible.

Captains, after consultation with selectors, will advise a player that has been selected in a different grade from the previous round of the change and the reasons why before the teams are announced.

Players returning after making themselves unavailable due to injury, illness or personal commitments may be selected in the grade below that in which they had been previously selected.

Players who make themselves unavailable from matches without good reason will generally be selected in a lower grade.

All players returning from injury will require a medical clearance and may be asked to undergo a fitness test.

RPCC Operations Committee