• Robin Gardner - Social / Canteen/ Co-Patron

Robin Gardner

Joint Patron

Alan Turner

Joint Patron

Michael Whitney AM


John Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul O'Loughlin - Social

Paul O’Loughlin

Asst. Chief Executive Officer

  • Jeremy Jastrzab - Assistant Treasurer

Jeremy Jastrzab

Financial Controller

  • Alan Wright - Operations - Chairman of Selectors

Alan Wright

Asst. Financial Controller

Delegate to SCA / NSWCA

  • Bill Anderson - Head of Operations

Bill Anderson

Committee Member

Director of Cricket Operations

  • Chris Sullivan - Social

Chris Sullivan

Committee Member

Delegate to SCA

Peter Devlin

Committee Member

  • Peter Wright - Legal / SCA Delegate

Peter Wright

Committee Member

Richard Chee Quee

Committee Member